SCSRŌ  Somatic Cell Sampling and Recovery

SCSR is a cell isolation technology that can be used for obtaining somatic cells from humans or animals, noninvasively from fecal samples. The system provides a 'non-invasive biopsy' for investigations into molecular and cellular processes.

Our proprietary transport medium, the result of over a decade of R&D, preserves the sample for up to 7 days at room temperature prior to isolation. This allows shipment without refrigeration. The isolation process is very simple, comprising a filtration and  a step-gradient centrifugation, and can be performed with standard laboratory equipment. Our 10-subject sampling kit contains 10 collection vials (containing sampling stylets and mixing beads, and transport medium for preserving 0.5 g samples), 10 filters and 10 mesh bags, 200-ml of dispersing medium, and 100-ml of gradient cushion.

SCSR cells provide a unique source of somatic cells for biomarker analysis. Applications include: gene expression studies by PCR, flow cytometric cell surface biomarker analysis, cDNA libraries, SNPS, cloning, blotting, microarray, viral integration, receptors.

SCSR Standard Operating Procedures

        Full Operating Manual

        Patient Collection Protocol

        SCSR Cell Isolation Protocol 
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        DNA Isolation - Phenol Chloroform 

        DNA Isolation - Fujifilm QuickGene™ 
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        Total RNA Isolation - Fujifilm QuickGene™ 
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        mRNA Isolation - Dynabeads mRNA Direct™ 
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        Flow Cytometry - Surface Antigens

        Flow Cytometry - Intracellular Antigens

        GIP-C Stem Cell Culture Protocol


Photographic Instructions

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