SCSR Cell Isolation - Photographs   


Stomacher Bag Filtration

Pour Sample into Strainer

Extraction Region

Extract using Pipette


40µm Filtration

Place filter over 50-ml centrifuge tube

To avoid clogging, repeatedly aspirate and dispense sample using pipette

Underlay Cushion

Slowly underlay cushion medium from the bottom of tube.  Try to avoid bubbles and
disturbance of the interface.

Appearance after Centrifugation

The tube after centrifugation

Remove Supernatant

Use pipette to remove supernatant, leaving 5-10 ml above interface


Extracting the Interface

Extract interface using plastic transfer pipette and dispense into a new tube.  Slowly follow a downward spiral path along tube wall while extracting.

If there is a 'tinge' to the top of the cushion, extract a small amount of cushion as well.
Leave most of cushion with the pellet fraction.  Fractions will be washed in the next step.


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