NonInvasive Technologies, LLC      (6/2005)

SCSR Patient instructions for Stool collection

  1. Keep the tubes with the orange liquid refrigerated until you are ready to collect the stool sample.
  2. Line a specimen collection hat with 4-5 layers of bathroom tissue.
  3. Position the hat under the toilet seat and defecate into the hat.
  4. Apply gloves and place a small stool sample into a collection tube using the applicator provided with the cap of each tube. The sample should be a heaping scoopful, no more than ˝ inch diameter (the target amount is 0.5 gram). Recap the tube tightly. Mix by gently shaking the tube until the sample is thoroughly dispersed.
  5. Write the date and time of collection on the sticker affixed to the collection tube.
  6. Discard the remaining stool and the bathroom tissue into the toilet.
  7. Discard the hat.
  8. Arrange for the samples to be delivered to the laboratory for isolation of colonocytes.











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